Book. Launch. Lead: Spaces & Experiences

'Lego-style' online booking platform tailored for space rentals, offering services, and creating experiences. Easily handle your bookings and appointments, take online payments, leverage CRM tools, and monitor key metrics — all designed to fit your business's unique requirements.
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Cue — your buddy who makes doing business a breeze

Сustom-fit your spaces and services for client-winning deals

Add pricing options, durations, variations, buffer time and much more to cover every possible scenario your business might need, creating more appealing deals for your customers.

Make money and launch easy with your very own online - booking page

Reach out anytime, we're here for your every question!

Within just a few clicks you have everything up and running. You get a website, customizable link, emails, business software and much more for your business.
Need to tailor our platform to fit your unique business flow? Have questions on how to make the most of our features? Our team of real-life experts, not bots, is on standby, eager to help and invested in your success.

Keep customers clued-in with instant notifications

Cue is as flexible as you want it to be. Accept new bookings anytime, offer hybrid services, block your calendar in advance—whether by minutes, hours—or simply block off entire days. Unleash even more superpowers as needed.

Receive all essential tools to sell to your customers

Let your customers pay directly when they book online, ask for a deposit, or get payments at the appointment all with your phone.

Let Cue spotlight your passion with tools that empower your talent.

Get things done efficiently
and with a smile!

Every essential business feature is now in one magical place. Say goodbye to juggling multiple apps, memorizing passwords, and learning new interfaces. Welcome to simplicity and joy in every click!

Spread your link
far and wide

Place it on your website and social media. A bio link can supercharge your business bookings by as much as 40%

Boost bookings with adaptable settings

Quick, easy, and adaptable, Cue stands as a powerful tool for any business seeking to enhance service delivery and operational efficiency!

Keep all of your business needs in one place

Cue comes with all the goodies your business needs to shine, straight out of the box! Plus, it gets smarter and more helpful based on how you use it

Watch your business
bloom from any device

Cue runs smoothly on phones, tablets, computers, and beyond. With internet at your spot, you're all set to go!

Entrepreneur-Built, Service-Driven

Did you know that the people at Cue are entrepreneurs in the space rental industry,
just like you? 💛
Cue is the product of real-life experience in renting out spaces. It’s developed with firsthand insights.
Just like You
Available six days a week, we're ready to help grow your business, or make the switch from other services seamless for you.
Here for You
The majority of our features and tools originates from the feedback we get everyday from customers just like you
Growing with You

Where your business achieves its greatest potential

* Average figures from businesses that use Cue
Boost Repeat Bookings
Increase Your Revenue
Grow New Client Traffic

Smart software for businesses with big plans

Your Calendar Pal

Keep an eye on your schedule with our super-smart Calendar! It lets you peek into your bookings in real time. Want to see how your day or month is shaping up? A single tap brings every appointment's details right to your fingertips. Easy peasy!

The Handy Journal

Say hello to your business's new best friend: our Journal! It neatly tucks all your orders into one list, making it a breeze to sort through by service, date, status, or customer. Missing an RSVP? Fully paid visits? They're all just a click away!

For everyone who books clients for unique spaces and experiences!

Let's Connect!

Getting to the heart of your business

We’ll dive deep into your business, share our expertise, and understand your processes. We’ll guide you on using Cue's features in the most effective way.

Tailoring your service setup

We’ll craft your company profile and set up your services and spaces. Get ready to start working and accepting online bookings immediately.

Always here for a chat

We’re on standby to answer any questions about Cue and walk you through all the necessary features. We’ve got you covered

Supercharge Cue
with integrations

Integrations that automate your business processes and enhance customer interactions

Online payments made simple

Allow customers to effortlessly pay for rentals using their favorite methods with Stripe.

No more double bookings

Sync your Google Calendar to sync data from various booking platforms or marketplaces.

More insights, better strategy

Dive into traffic sources to understand where your clients come from. Use these insights to make your ads more effective.
Require deposits at booking setting the amount for any space or service
Protect your time from last-minute cancellations and no shows.
Booking info is updated live online, so clients from different platforms can't book the same slot simultaneously.
Reports on attendance, conversions, and user behavior.
Target audience analysis by gender, age, and interests.
Still have questions? Write to us