Does the Perfect Online Booking Platform for Studio Rentals Exist?

Written by Kate Yutkina
CEO and Founder, Cue

Published on Jun 16, 2024
6 min read
Today, there’s a scheduling tool for almost every need. Whether you’re organizing remote work meetings, booking salon appointments, or planning a tour, there’s software designed to make it easy. According to a GetApp study, over 70% of customers prefer to book online at their convenience rather than call during business hours.

However, have you ever seen any booking system for space and studio rentals?

Doubt it.
Challenges in the Studio Rental Market

With the market overloaded with scheduling software, finding something that works well for seemingly unique rental field can be challenging. The businesses range from photo studios and shooting locations to creative workspaces, sports facilities and beyond. They require software that not only manages bookings but also adapts to the unique demands of renting out space.
Why the Studio Rental Business is So Different

Let’s be clear. Booking a space is not the same as making an appointment; the booking flow here is absolutely different. Unlike most scheduling software, where customers pick a time and sometimes a specific service provider, space rentals require a more flexible approach.

Consider this: when you’re renting a studio for a photoshoot or a venue for an event, you choose how long you need it: from moment “A” (start) to moment “B” (finish). From a business perspective, a customer will always choose the rental duration themselves. Just think of it — when I make an appointment for a haircut, I don’t choose how long it will take; I just pick my stylist and the perfect time for me. That’s it. With rentals, it’s the opposite. Planning a content shoot in a studio, I want to decide how many hours I need and see what times are available. Does it make sense now?
Types of Online Booking Software

With so many options available, it’s super important to understand that not all booking software is created equal. Each type serves different purposes, and using the right one is crucial for the success of your business. Keep in mind, while the general requirements for booking software may sound similar across various industries, they function really differently depending on the particular business type.
Online Scheduling Software for Meeting Automation

In this market, we all know Calendly,, and and obviously there are some more players. These software aim to solve the problem of managing meetings. With these tools, you don’t need to send endless emails back and forth and juggle time zones with your clients. You can easily set a personal calendar link, and people can book available time with just one click.

These services also allow you to manage calendars within the whole organization, having enterprise plans in their subscription model. This feature is fantastic for businesses needing streamlined communication and efficient time management.

Don’t expect expanded functionality like storing customer data, built-in booking management, CRM features, or in-app analytics that show the most popular services, revenue, etc. However, if you are a solopreneur consulting on business development or giving design lessons, these could be a good fit. In some cases, you just don’t need complications.

Could this type of online scheduling software be a good fit for rentals? Absolutely not. So when you start your research for a perfect tool, you need to quickly determine — what is the main concept of the software and give it a try only if it has certain signals for the space rental industry.
Appointment Scheduling Software for Service Providers

This niche of software is incredibly diverse, covering everything from beauty salons to home repair services and everything in between. One key element stands out: they are delivered by people. Managing the calendar of service providers is fundamental.

For solo practitioners, these systems might resemble the meeting automation tools we discussed earlier, like Calendly or But as soon as you start running a small business, you’ll realize that you need more than just a simple booking link.

Appointment scheduling software for service providers often includes great functionality such as: website builder options, financial management tools, customer management, etc. Essentially, they position themselves as all-in-one platforms for service-based businesses. That’s really convenient.

Here are a few popular examples:

  • Acuity Scheduling: Known for its customizable booking forms and integrations.
  • SetMore: Offers a user-friendly interface with options for team scheduling.
  • Trafft: Combines booking with resource management features.
  • Booksy: Popular in the beauty industry for its ease of use and extensive features.
  • BookedIn: Focuses on simple booking and payment solutions for small businesses.
  • Provides a versatile platform with customizable booking options and integrations.
These tools might seem like a viable option for studio rentals because they include robust booking capabilities. However, they are designed with a focus on services, not space. When businesses first start automating their bookings, they might opt for these platforms, perhaps due to a lack of better options or simply following what colleagues are using. This habit, while familiar, often leads to a less-than-ideal customer experience.
The Fit (or Misfit) for Space Rental Businesses

The main thing to remember is that each scheduling tool is crafted for a particular sector. For service-based businesses, appointment scheduling software excels at managing people’s time and activities. But for a rental business, where the product is the space itself, these systems can fall short. You’ll soon notice the steep learning curve as you try to adapt their features to fit your needs, and this can disrupt your customer experience.

Imagine trying to fit a square peg into a round hole — it’s not going to be smooth. The key is to understand the core concept of the software you’re considering and assess if it has the signals that show it’s tailored for space rentals. Look for features like flexible booking durations, the ability to manage multiple spaces, and seamless customer interactions.

Let Cue spotlight your passion with tools that empower your talent.

Booking Engine for Space, Studios, Venues, and Location Rentals

When it comes to managing spaces, I prefer the term “booking” over “scheduling.” Think about it: you book a space, not schedule it. Although these terms often get mixed up today, it’s important to keep this distinction in mind.

So, who are the key players in the space, studio, and venue rental sector? Frankly, there aren’t many. For a long time, automation tools for this niche weren’t in high demand. However, marketplaces like Giggster and Peerspace gave the “first aid” of automation for space rentals. These platforms have opened up new opportunities for business owners to boost bookings, attract customers, and drive sales through their platforms.

Yet, relying solely on marketplaces isn’t enough. According to recent data, only 16% of customers discover new brands on marketplaces, and 55% find it difficult to make a purchase decision due to the overwhelming number of options.

Many businesses hesitate to move away from marketplaces, fearing a loss in traffic and revenue. But, the reality is that businesses often perform better when they have their own customized online booking system integrated into their websites. This shift not only enhances customer experience but also allows for greater control and flexibility.

Traditional scheduling tools don’t quite meet the needs of space rental businesses.

To truly excel in the rental business, you need software designed specifically for this unique sector. And here you need to try Cue — a flexible platform created by studio owners for studio owners and other rental businesses.
Cue: The Smart Solution for Space Rentals

Cue stands out as a game-changer in the world of space rentals. Here’s why:

  • Simplified Management: Instead of juggling multiple service types with varying durations, Cue allows you to set up a single service — your studio space — with all the necessary pricing options. This streamlines your management process and makes operations more straightforward.
  • Customized Pricing: With Cue, you can tailor your pricing based on the type of rental activity. Whether it’s for a video shoot, photoshoot, event, or another use, you have the flexibility to adjust your rates accordingly.
  • Multi-Day Booking: Cue makes it easy for clients to book multiple days in one go. For example, they can reserve a space from Monday at 8 AM to Tuesday at 4 PM all in one step, without the hassle of placing separate orders for each day.
To see how Cue can transform your booking process, check out the pre-setup booking page. You’ll love it!
The Right Tool for Your Rental Business

Now, you know a bit more about scheduling tools.
So if you’re in the space rental industry, finding a booking system tailored to your specific needs is essential. It should enable customers to choose their rental period, view available times, and make bookings easily and quickly.

Using a booking system like Cue, helps you avoid the limitations of traditional scheduling tools. It is the only platform that provides a perfect booking experience for your customers and fits for your spaces.

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