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Creative Content Studio Management Software

Our user-friendly online booking system is designed for ease and efficiency, enabling clients to effortlessly reserve your unique creative space. With Cue you're equipped with all the tools necessary to manage your studio smoothly, allowing you to focus more on your passion. Experience the joy of running your business!

Why Cue? It's simple — we know what content studios need

Our service is all about giving
your studio a perfect fit

With Cue, you can craft the rental experience you want, setting just the right time frames and prices with a personal touch. Plus, you can tempt your clients with the option of top-notch photography gear and props to make their shoots pop!

Navigate with ease
in a friendly interface

No learning curve needed — our service is designed to be instantly understood. The platform offers quick tips to help you effortlessly configure your content studio spaces, add ons, and pricing to align with your business goals

Everything you need to run your business is right here on our platform

Manage bookings, keep tabs on your client list, track sales, and watch your cash flow — all with ease. No fuss with outside apps or juggling software; Сue has all the tools ready for you

Reach out anytime, we're here for your every question!

Need to tailor our platform to fit your unique business flow? Have questions on how to make the most of our features? Our team of real-life experts, not bots, is on standby, eager to help and invested in your success.
Say goodbye to the hassle of catalogs and marketplaces! !
With us, there's no need to juggle multiple profiles or fork out hefty commissions just to get noticed. We've got your back, making promotion a breeze
Born from the needs of photo studio owners for a comprehensive tool, our platform is tailor-made to craft appealing offers and streamline your studio's operations with customizable scenarios that truly understand your business.

Build your website easy —
no coding required

Your clients will see a booking page that's as comprehensive as a full-blown website. Effortlessly personalize your URL and spread the word with a quick share on social media or through messaging apps

Make life simpler by transforming tricky tasks into easy wins

Get online payments rolling with just a couple of clicks

Allow customers to effortlessly pay for rentals using their favorite methods with Stripe. Require deposits at booking setting the amount for any space or service and protect your time from last-minute cancellations and no shows.

Spread your link
far and wide

Add your Booking Page to your website, Facebook page, Instagram, email signature and more. Stay open for bookings and reservations 24/7 across all channels.

Give your customers control

70% of your potential customers prefer to book spaces and services online (GetApp report). Make the scheduling experience more convenient for you and them providing more appealing offfers with any flexibility you need

Smart software for businesses with big plans

Your Calendar Pal

Keep an eye on your schedule with our super-smart Calendar! It lets you peek into your bookings in real time. Want to see how your day or month is shaping up? A single tap brings every appointment's details right to your fingertips. Easy peasy!

The Handy Journal

Say hello to your business's new best friend: our Journal! It neatly tucks all your orders into one list, making it a breeze to sort through by service, date, status, or customer. Missing an RSVP? Fully paid visits? They're all just a click away!

Say goodbye to double-booking
with Cue — scheduling made seamless

Our system is now smarter than ever! It seamlessly prevents any double-bookings, whether you're scheduling events or reservations online or coordinating through your friendly admin team.

See how easy Cue makes it for content studio customers

Dive into a visually rich booking experience, get all the details up-front, and click your way to a confirmed spot without any fuss. More time for the shots you love, less time on the phone—Cue’s got you covered

Let Cue spotlight your passion with tools that empower your talent.

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